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What we offer

You can buy/sell Gulden, accept Gulden payments in your place of business, manage your bills and recurring payments, trade Gulden (NLG) real-time or develop your own apps and tools on top of Nocks with Nocks API.

Our core consists of:

Nocks Pay

Nocks Checkout

Nocks Trade

Nocks API

Buy/Sell Gulden

You can buy or sell Gulden (NLG) at Nocks through an easy step-by-step form. You simply buy and start using your Gulden the way you want. We accept:

iDEAL Bancontact

Nocks Pay

Pay (recurring) bills, your friends, colleagues or any other obligations in one fluid transaction.

Gulden Wire transfer

Who we are

Nocks is a small team with a relentless drive from The Netherlands.

Patrick Kivits (28) and Roel Boer (30) are the two founders and backbone of the company.


Nocks is committed to redefine the financial landscape. To achieve this we utilize numerous qualities of the Gulden blockchain and rely on automation, customization and seamless integration of our payment solutions into existing infrastructure – for a better performance and experience in (mobile) payments.

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