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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the personal data obtained through our website.

Article 1 Notification Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy is meant to explain how we deal with privacy.
  2. We are the responsible party for processing your personal data. Our full details are:

Responsible party:

Formal company name Nocks BV
COC-number 64502260
Postal address Schiekade 133-D45
3033 BL Rotterdam
  1. We respect and protect your privacy. We do everything in our power to carefully process, manage and store all of the personal data given to us and by following Dutch privacy law.
  2. All clients, company staff and visitors of our website are involved and clients give us permission to take personal date in our automated file and to use this data for purposes as described in Article 2.
  3. We will save all of the through this website concluded agreements and the necessary details for at least 7 years.

Article 2 Purpose of collecting information

2.1 If you provide us personal data (used to identify someone), then we guarantee that this information will primarily be used for:

  1. Showing and using the website(s) and app in a correct and personalized fashion.
  2. Executing the agreement, of which completing transactions, delivering services and harboring the integrity of the transaction.
  3. Verifying your identity to comply to financial law and for example cancellations and refunds.
  4. Maintaining relationships with clients, suppliers and resellers.
  5. Send out notifications for any changes in policy, documents and/ or our services.
  6. To understand your needs (perhaps through cookies) a lot better and evaluate and improve our company, services, website, software and security.
  7. To register and settle complaints and requests.
  8. Release commercial messages, such as sending targeted newsletters.
  9. Anonymously research any demographic and statistic data.
  10. Making reviews available.
  11. Maintaining a transaction history.
  12. Complying to the legal (fiscal) storage obligation and all other legislations and obligations.
  13. To secure and protect our business from fraud, money laundering, unwarranted activities, claims and other liabilities, as well as identify and help minimize or prevent any of the aforementioned.

2.2 If you fill out optional fields you give us permission to use these personal details for the following purposes:

  1. Keep you informed of personalized information, such as from partners
  2. Share these details with third parties (such as partners)

2.3 If your permission is explicitly asked you can always revoke your given permission.

Article 3 Categories collected data

The categories of information that we collect, use, make public and otherwise handle can vary per country and their respective laws.

  1. Name and contact details: We collect your first- and last name, email address, address, phone number and other similar contact details.
  2. References: We collect profile ID’s, passwords, password hints and similar security information that is used for authentication and access to the account.
  3. Demographic data: We collect data about you like your age, sex, country and preferred language.
  4. Payment data: We collect data that are necessary to process your payment like when you make a purchase, such as the number of your payment instrument (credit card number or bank card number).
  5. Device- and consumptive data: We collect details about your device, such as the IP address, internet browser and device type, device ID’s, login and logout details, regional and language settings and how you and your device work with our website(s) and with our services/ products. This data also include information about the operation services and other software that are installed on your device, including product codes.
  6. Usage data: We collect data about the functions you use, the transactions you have made (history).
  7. Support data: When you need our help, we collect data about you and your order and any other details that are relevant to assist with the support question. Data such as contact- and authenticator data, the content of communication with our customer support, data from our website/service at the time of the issue and during diagnosis as well as transport data.
  8. Location data: We collect data about your location, that can be both accurate and inaccurate. Accurate location data can be GPS data, as well as any identification data from nearby masts and Wifi hotspots that we collect when you turn on location based products or functions. Inaccurate location data can be the location extrapolated from your IP address.
  9. Content: We collect content from your messages that you send us, such as feedback and product reviews that you have written, or questions and information that you’ve sent our customer support. When you contact us, our customer support or partner team, any communication sessions can be recorded or monitored.
  10. Preferences: We collect data about the preferences that you’ve filled out or set as well as extrapolate from your preferences based on your user profile.
  11. Copy Identity document: We don’t process a copy of your uploaded document ourselves, but through a partner (IDChecker of Mitek Systems), which will store the document for a maximum of two weeks to verify your identity. We advise to black out your social security number.

Article 4 Looking into, changing or deleting personal data

4.1 We always try to keep your data correct and complete. You have the right to look into the data we process about you, have it corrected and have incorrect data removed.

4.2 Through your personalized access code and password you have access to your own profile and you can always view your personal data. You have the right to change and or delete your personal data.

4.3 If you’re younger than 18 years old then you cannot register. If you’re 15, 16 or 17 years old we need explicit permission from your parents or guardian(s).

4.4 If you no longer want to receive any marketing communications, you have the right to inform us. You can do this by emailing us or by clicking the opt-out button below the sent communications.

4.5 To exercise these rights, to file a complaint or to request any information about our privacy practices, you can contact us by email through

4.6 To exercise any of these rights we ask you to send a copy of your identity document along with your request or any other steps to verify your identity. Make sure that your social security number is blacked out in doing so. We will respond within 4 weeks on your request.

Article 5 Third parties

5.1 We will not hand over or sell your personal data to third parties without your explicit permission, unless we’re obligated to do so by law or handing over your personal data is necessary due to, for example, an acquisition or merger that we are involved with.

5.2 We share personal information with third parties that provide services on our behalf. For example, we use third parties for hosting our websites, running certain functions, sending emails, authorizing or processing your payments, managing and analyzing data. These third parties are not authorized by us to use the information for their own goals or purposes.

5.3 Links to third party websites are provided for your convenience. If you use these websites, you leave our website. We did not check (all) websites, do not manage these websites and bare no responsibility for these websites. If you decide to visit a third party website that is linked from our website, you do this at your own risk.

5.4 We can transfer the information that we collect from you to and store in countries other than the country the information was originally collected from, including the United States and other countries outside the European Union (EU), in compliance with their respective laws.

5.5 Through our website cookies are placed from the American company Google, as part of the “Analytics”-service. We use this service to get insight and reports of how visitors use the website. Google can handover this information to third parties if Google is obligated to do so by law, or if third parties process this information for Google. We don’t have any control over this. More information can be found in the Privacy Policy of Google on Google’s website.

Article 6 Security

6.1 We do our utmost best to process your information securely, to prevent unauthorized access or publication to/of your data, to keep the data up to date and make sure the data is used as intended. We’ve taken physical, electronic and organisational measures to protect and secure the data we collect online. We use encodings, such as SSL- security, periodic vulnerability checks, Tier 4 data center, when collecting or transferring important data such as bank card information.

6.2 We can’t guarantee the effectiveness of these security measures and nothing in this notice can be read as an explicit or implicit guarantee against loss, abuse, unauthorized access, publication, any changes or deletion of data.

6.3 Service providers that possibly have access to your information to deliver services for us, are obligated per agreement to keep the information private, implement adequate security measures and cannot use the information for their own purposes.

Article 7 Suspicion of Abuse

7.1 We maintain the right to both act pro-active and corrective when we suspect abuse. This means that we have the right to save any information we have from our visitors and users as possible evidence of abuse. We also have the right, upon an sufficiently substantiated suspicion of abuse, to request additional information from third parties. With sufficient evidence we can take the appropriate measures, such as inform the police and any other relevant authorities.

Article 8 Retention period

8.1 We retain your information as long as we need to accomplish the goals for which we collect your information, unless otherwise obligated by law. We store the information we need to execute the agreement for 7 years.

8.2 A copy of your Identity Document is merely stored for 2 weeks.

Article 9 Changes to the Privacy Policy

9.1 We have the right to change this Privacy Policy. These changes will be placed on our website and you will receive notice per e-mail about these changes. We are not liable for any damages as a result from this Privacy Policy.

9.2 This Privacy Policy is valid from 1st of November 2017 and replaces all previous versions.

Article 10 Complaints

10.1 If you think some of the provisions in this Privacy Policy aren’t being met or have another complaint regarding the registration of data – or any other questions or remarks then please refer to our management or

10.2 Do you have any complaints about the processing of your personal data then you have the right to file a complaint with the authority of personal data.

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