How to install your Nocks Checkout plugin

Before you can accept any payments through your preferred plugin, you need your API token. Now that may sound a little technical, but don’t worry – generating it and then using it in your plugin is not that hard. To make it even easier, we’ve created this short step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Download your plugin

In case you haven’t downloaded your plugin yet, here’s a list of plugins we support.

Step 2: Setting up your plugin

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin for your preferred e-commerce platform, please follow the installation instructions of that particular platform. Once installed, you can setup the Nocks Checkout plugin by going into its settings.

Step 3: Creating your API token

To activate your plugin, you need an API Token.

Creating your API token begins by logging into your Nocks account and going to "API". Once you’re on that page you click on the tab "Personal access tokens".

Here you create your token, click "Create New Token" and a screen pops up.

Now give your token a name, for example your domain name and select the following Scopes:

  • transaction.create

Now click on "Create"

Your API Key has now been generated. You can only view it once here, so completely copy/paste it into the required field in your plugin environment.

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