Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Gulden receive address?

    This is the address you receive your Gulden on, can be found in your Gulden app. It looks similar to this: GJk6oiTad7oR2bLLdrxVPXm2Se1CsVY1mV

  • I paid but didn't receive my Gulden yet

    Is your app completely synced and fully up-to-date? It's also possible your Gulden are still on their way on the blockchain. Check back in about 10 minutes or follow your transaction here.

  • How does Nocks determine the value of Gulden?

    There is an intricate process behind calculating and determining valuations. Click here for a more elaborate answer.

  • Is Nocks the developer of Gulden?

    We are not, for support regarding Gulden itself or their apps go to

  • I’ve lost my backup phrase for the Gulden app, can you help me get my Gulden back?

    Unfortunately, we cannot. You and you alone (should) have access to your Gulden in your app. The backup phrase is there as a secure key to retrieve your Gulden from the blockchain on your (new) device. We do not have your phrase.

  • Does Nocks give trading advice or training?

    We do not give trading advice or training, we do however teach you the basic trading terminology and explain how price determination works. Beyond that, no advice or training.

  • Are the Gulden I deposit on Nocks Trade in a "hot" wallet?

    They are not. This is why withdrawals of your Gulden may take a little longer than you would expect or want, but it is for safety reasons.

  • Where are deposited fiat funds stored?

    All fiat funds are held by Stichting Nocks Trade, a third-party foundation specifically setup to keep your money safe. If anything happens to Nocks B.V. or Nocks Payments B.V. the money held by the foundation is safe. The foundation also ensures that the funds cannot be used for anything else by Nocks B.V. or Nocks Payments B.V.

    Your money is safe with Nocks!

  • Do you report unusual transactions?

    Applicable laws specify which traders and service providers need to report unusual transactions. Gulden traders and/ or exchanges do not fit into this category and unusual transactions don’t have to be reported.

    However, in collaboration with our payment service provider and banks, Nocks does report unusual transactions.

  • My Nocks balance is zero but I have Gulden in my Gulden wallet!

    Your Nocks balance and your Gulden app are not connected and they are not the same. You keep your Gulden in your wallet and manage your funds from there. If you want balance on Nocks, you can deposit funds and use it on for example Nocks Trade.

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