The most valuable point-of-sale provider

Nocks Checkout offers the best payment methods that companies can accept in their place of business. Both online and physical stores enjoy the Nocks Checkout options for the lowest fees possible.

Nocks Checkout for iOS & Android

Accepting mobile payments in your place of business is easier than you might think. You don't need anything technical, you don't even need new hardware. Sounds too good to be true? Download the app, sign-up and experience the power of the most valuable POS provider today.


Install Nocks both online and in your physical place of business. Full administrative overview included, your accountant will love it. We promise. You can also connect Nocks Checkout to your existing bookkeeping software. Nocks is currently compatible with Moneybird & Yuki.

Stichting Nocks Payments

Nocks receives payments for third parties through a special foundation. The foundation ensures that Nocks can not use these funds for other purposes and in case of bankruptcy the funds are guaranteed. Your payments are safe with Nocks.

Custom integration

Prefer something custom? Our services can be integrated into a wide variety of software, both open- and closed source. If you have any specific requests or questions about custom integration, we'd love to brainstorm with you!

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