Nocks will cease trading May 21th 2020, read important details here

Nocks Announcement

After more than 5 years of service on the cryptocurrency stage, we’ve now got a huge announcement. Due to the renewed timeline revolving the regulations we have to make the announcement now, rather than our initial planning and timeline. Here goes. Nocks will close its doors and its team will move to a well-known and very reliable party within the cryptocurrency space. We’ll announce later on, together with this party, who that will be!

It’s a beautiful end to a long chapter and the perfect start of a new chapter. It’s also the end of an era. We’re very excited to join the team of the other company with their enormous user-base (and growing even bigger), large volumes and great team.

What does this mean for the Nocks services and what’s next?

It’s important to realize that we’ve only sold our Nocks exchange software and not the company. This way they can (eventually) offer their own stand-alone exchange platform and gain the in-depth knowledge of the Nocks team. The Nocks team will be available for a smooth transition and will join the new company for a fruitful and long-term collaboration. We’ll disband the Nocks company structure and we will cease to exist shortly after.

Important steps for you as a user:

1. Withdraw your EUR before July 1st 2020 to your bank account or convert them to crypto before May 21st
2. Withdraw your cryptocurrency before July 1st 2020 to your coin’s wallet or convert them to euros before May 21st

Steps for withdrawals:

1) Login to your Nocks account
2) Go to Deposit/ Withdraw
3) Tap the Withdraw tab
4) Select the currency you want to withdraw
5) Select to what address or click “Manually fill out receive address” to manually enter a receive address from your wallet or other exchange.
6) Click “MAX” to withdraw the total balance for the selected currency
7) Confirm by clicking the green Withdraw button. The balance will be sent to the address selected or filled out under step 4. This cannot be undone!

That’s easy enough, but if you still need help or have questions you can use until July 1st 2020.

NCKS Utility

At the moment no decision has been made whether or not NCKS Utility will move to its new home. NCKS Utility is not part of the deal. We’re still discussing and contemplating what will happen to the NCKS Utility token. As soon as there is more information, we will share it with all of you of course!

API functionalities

All Nocks API functionalities and connections will stop working May 21st 2020. Meaning all apps and other third parties using our services will no longer work and will likely not be migrated.

Deposits, withdrawals and markets closing timelines

All markets will close and open orders cancelled on May 21st 2020. From then till July 1st 2020 only withdrawals will be possible and in case you haven’t guessed it by now, Nocks will cease to exist and go offline July 1st 2020.

This does have implications for you as a customer, please take appropriate measures beforehand.

Thanks for your time and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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