Buy Gulden

Want to buy Gulden? We’ve got the perfect exchange method for you. Buy Gulden today using the following payment methods:

iDEAL Bancontact

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Accept payments

Looking for a reliable and affordable way to accept payments for your company? Nocks Checkout offers the most reliable methods for the lowest possible fees.

  • Gulden
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  • Wire Transfer
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Real-time trading

Nocks Trade offers the real-time trading of cryptocurrency Gulden at a low fixed-fee of 0.25% per trade. You can use any of your verified EUR bank accounts to deposit and start trading.

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Who we are

Nocks was founded in 2015 by Roel Boer (30) & Patrick Kivits (28). Alongside the talented Robbie op de Weegh (23) the team delivers some of the best Trading & Payment services available today.

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